Thursday, May 14, 2009

All you have left is the shirt on your back. Part II

Okay, so you have your plan. You are going to keep that essential piece of luggage by your door and not to mention one at work. Now, what do you pack? Are you going to pack like you are going on a 2 week vacation, or will you be packing for an overnight stay.

First off, you need to pack light. You are not going to know how far you are going to have lug this bag around. Will there be proper baggage claim aboard said ship? Who knows! It will be best to keep this piece of luggage with you. Carry-ons are highly recommended.

Now, what are you going to bring with you. This isn't a fire drill so leave those precious memories back on earth. I would ditch the electronics as well, because what are the chances that your plug will fit their outlet. (This includes: Cameras, cell phones, iPods, iPhones, MP3 players of ALL kinds, portable DVD players, digital multimedia players.) I don't think your local travel store will carry a converter that will fit the mother ship. (And if you ask, don't expect great service.)

For clothing you will need to be prepared. As I said earlier, you would expect this monstrous ship to have central air and heat, but you never know! So I would recommend both shorts and jeans. Besides, once you get to wherever you are going, the climate may not be like your home city. For that matter, it may not even be like earth. If that is the case, you better hope that your clothes are interesting enough to barter for that tight fitting suit that protects you from the constant acid that falls from the sky. But don't pack clothes that are too flashy! Again, we don't want to draw attention to ourselves. I would not suggest sequins, silk screening or bedazzled sweaters. Plain, plain, plain. This is a delicate balance of practicality and interest. Find clothes that are simple, but with interesting stitching. Whip stitched clothing is always interesting but understated.

Make sure that what you pack will be loose fitting! T-shirts and denim will be your friends as they are durable and allow maximum movement. Will you need to run from your new alien captors, or will you be able to lounge around? Either way, loose fitting clothes will make you comfortable and confident.

Bring one book. I am certain that you will have a lot of time to read, however since books weigh so much and your Kindle will certainly run out of juice, bring only one that you can read over and over and over again.

Moving onto personal hygiene materials. Bring toothpaste and a toothbrush, but go easy on it. Do not overdo the toothpaste. You do not want to end up having to use that kitty litter in your pocket to brush your teeth. Remember, this could be a very long trip and that tube may need to last you a few months to a year. You could always pack an additional tube, but all of these items add up fast and become more of a burden.

Deodorant. You need this. However, only one stick and one swipe under each arm every day. Hair care products? No. Bring a hat. Who are you going to try to look good for? The grey, bug eyed, (sexy?) lanky alien? Psh! Its light, small and saves space for other things. Cologne/perfume? Again, no. What are you people thinking?! These guys probably don't even have the sensory perception to appreciate your Calvin Klein Obsession. (Seriously, if you are still wearing Obsession, YOU probably don't have the sensory perception to appreciate anything anyway.)

Shoes. Only one pair! And they should be breathable and good for walking/running long distances.I recommend Nike, but any brand will do as long as they are breathable, durable and comfortable. This ship has gotta be huge, and you may need to walk through miles of corridors to get to where you need to be. Also, if you piss someone off, it would be helpful to be able to run comfortably as well. (Best advice: DO NOT PISS ANYONE OFF!)

In our next segment: How to prepare your home for your departure.

Take care and remember to watch that clock! 12/21/12 is right around the corner!

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